Monday, 2 May 2016

The Not So New Silent Killer

     Today I am going to inform you of the dangers of Syndrome X and how it could be killing you. What is Syndrome X?
     Some doctors don't even say it is a disease.Other health professionals say that Syndrome X is deadlier than diabetes and far more people have it.Syndrome X or as some call it 'Metabolic Syndrome' is a disease linked to rising Triglycerides in the blood, elevated blood pressure, increased resistance to insulin, and other symptoms.
     There is a firestorm of arguments going on right now on whether this is a made up name to combine problems we already know about or whether it truly is a combination of these symptoms that is causing people to die.I am not going to get into the argumentof what side you should take, but I will give you the facts and reality of it all.
     You are at a higher risk for developingheart disease, Type 2 diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks if you have these riskfactors.
            * High Blood Pressure
            * Hyperglycemia
            * Elevated Triglycerides
            * Low HDL Cholesterol
            * Waistline greater than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women.
The medical community tends to agree that these symptoms tend to group together, but it is the abdominal waist line that they point to as the most deadly. James Kenney, Ph.D a nutrition research specialist at Pritiken in Florida says "Simply put enough inches on your waist often leads to insulin resistance and thus will cause you to end up with metabolic syndrome".
     New research is starting to show that fat which we once thought was inactive and took up space is actually very active and produces biologically active molecules. One of these molecules is called adiponectin, which helps regulate insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is the measure of how well your body use glucose for energy. The higher the sensitivity the better glucose is utilized which in turn decreases your risk for diabetes. When visceral fat increases the amount of adiponectin decreases, which screws up your insulin sensitivity system. This in turn causes your body to produce excess insulin which then stores more glucose as fat. This then leads to more insulin insensitivity and ultimately Type 2 diabetes.Just for men alone there are 10.5 million men walking around with diabetes and another 25 million that are prediabetic. The main cause of this is that men and women are getting heavier. 
       Think about this and take a look at everyone around you . People are getting bigger and bigger. Syndrome X is the new silent killer. The sad thing is ,is that Syndrome X is 100 % reversible. Unlike Type 2 or Type 1 Diabetes.

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