Sunday 31 May 2015

No more Mr. Nice Guy, because you deserve better. Part 2

There is one thing you can do that will dramatically improve the following conditions; cardiovascular disease,hypertension,type 2 diabetes,arthritis and osteoporosis. Do you know what it is? The answer is at the bottom.

You cannot convert fat into muscle or muscle into fat. Cannot be done!

I'm still waiting to see someone do the deadlift correctly.  

If you play a sport,any sport, and want to improve your performance quickly the best thing you can do is take ballet lessons.

What you did can't hurt you. What you do next can.

Often the first signs of bad health is death!

The number 1 reason given for not exercising : no time

The average person spends 3hrs and 52mins watching TV and 1hr and 8 mins on the internet.................... PER DAY !

Bodybuilding is not a sport.

For every pound of fat you lose. You reduce the pressure on your knees by 4 lbs with every step you take.

Why do some people take better care of their cars than of themselves ?

According to the British Heart Foundation 44% of the British population does no exercise.

Total cost of inactivity to the UK economy..................£900 million a year !

Did you make a New Years resolution to lose weight and get healthy ?

Are you still doing it?

Answer : resistance training.  Free weights, machines. It doesn't matter.

I haven't missed a solid week of training since the summer of 2012.


Monday 18 May 2015

No more Mr. Nice Guy, because YOU deserve better !

You don't need to exercise harder or more. Just SMARTER!

I am still waiting to see someone do the deadlift correctly!

Situps,crunches and bicycles DO NOT work your abs or your core.

They will however hurt your back.

Weight gain is the end result of being ill. NOT the cause of your illness.

Knee raises work your hip flexors not your lower abs.

If your not using a heart rate monitor when doing your cardio work,your waisting you time.

DO NOT use the old 220-your age x percentage to figure out what your heart rate should be. It just might kill you.

Personal trainers should not sell products they recommend to their client's. EVER !

Stretch. Warmup. Workout. In that order. Always.

Long,slow cardio sessions burn very little fat.

Jogging or shuffling as i call it, is a very inefficient way of losing weight and getting fit.

It will however beat the crap out of your body.

In my opinion there are 3 things that has lead to the exessive weight gain we have seen in the past 10 years.
1. Procrastination
2. I want it for nothing
3. I want to do as littl as possible to get it.

I have never met a person who wasn't capable of losing weight and keeping it off

People who listen to me are glad they did. People who don't wish they had.

In the immortal words of "The Oak". "I'll Be Back".

Stay Focused    




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