Sunday, 31 July 2016

Super Foods For Women

Kale : Healthy eating is important for everyone, but certain foods are especially good for issues that affect women -- brittle bones, for example. Packed into these green leaves is loads of vitamin K, which is likely as important to healthy bones as calcium. And one serving has more than 20% of the daily recommended amounts of vitamins A and C as well.
Plain, Low-Fat Yogurt :Calcium is important for your bones, especially as you age. Yogurt has loads of it -- just 8 ounces will give you almost half (42%) of the calcium you need for the day. Look for the kind enriched with Vitamin D, to help your body use it better.
Beans :They have lots of protein, without the fat that comes from meat. They also can lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate -- all risk factors for heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women in the United States.Be sure to use fresh beans.
Walnuts :They’re packed with healthy fatty acids and may prevent cancer as part of a balanced diet.  Plus, they’re the perfect topping for yogurt, which has plenty of something else women need: calcium. Two birds, one stone.
Avocado:Yes, they’re full of fat, but it’s the good fat. In fact, studies show avocado-rich diets can help get rid of belly fat and protect your eyes and skin. They may even help lower “bad” cholesterol levels and boost the “good” cholesterol.
Sardines:These little guys pack loads of healthy fatty acids, vitamin D, and calcium. Their omega-3 fats can improve the quality of breast milk, and be good for babies whose mothers ate sardines while they were pregnant. They also have less mercury than most fish.
 Beef Liver :It may not be at the top of the list of foods you crave, but beef liver is an excellent source of folate and folic acid -- important for healthy pregnancies -- beating out top contenders like spinach and black-eyed peas by a big margin.
Grapefruit : Oranges work, too, but grapefruit has less sugar. It’s all about about the  “flavonoids,” which help lower the risk of certain kinds of strokes in women and may also help the heart. But grapefruit may not be a good combo with your medication, so check with your doctor before adding it to your menu.

Bottom Line : These are healthy snacks for anyone !


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