Sunday 13 March 2016

"thinking outside the box" Why ?

        Recently one of my rugby clients showed up for our training session with his laptop in hand and ask if we could take a few minutes for him to show me some training tips he found on line. He felt we should be "thinking outside the box" with his training,which surprised me a little since things were going so well. I told him " there is a reason there is a box" and that most people would  do really well to really familiarize themselves with the inside of the box. Coach John Wooden ( 10 national college basketball championships in 12 years,including 7 years in a row) has a great quote : "If you spend to much time learning the tricks of the trade you may not learn the trade" . Brilliant !. Coach Woodens approach to coaching basketball was amazingly simple. He would begin every season with a detailed explanation of how to put your socks on to avoid blisters. Very "inside the box thinking". You may think this is a waste of time but Coach Wooden felt players missing practice from blisters was the real of waste of time. The best coaches in the world focus on simplicity more than complexity.
         Mark Verstegen often uses the phrase "simple things done savagely well". Dewey Neilsen says " be brilliant at the basics". There is a Buddhist quote that says "in the beginners mind there are many choices,in the experts mind there are few". I think there is a reason why i agree with so many of the people i admire. Those who have attained expert level seem to think very much alike and react in very similar ways to new information. The experts are open to change and have great mental filters. As a result they seem to end up at the same place even when coming from different paths. I have spent more than 30years of "thinking inside the box". The truth is I can't tell you how often I give the same answer to a different question. I tell them to KISS. Stay in the box. Out of the box thinking should be reserved for thos who know the inside of the box like the back of their hand. The key is to become a "master of the box" well before we become "out of the box thinkers ". I personally experince this on a regular basis. Often when i sit down with a potential client and lay out what we are going to do and how we are goin to do it, i get "The Look". The look of "that can' be right. it cant be that easy ". Whatever your goal is ,stick to basic fundamentals. There is a reason the most successful people in the world "think inside the box"    

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