Monday, 14 March 2016

The Magic Hour

         We know that 1 hour of professional personal training (PPT) is still considered to be the gold standard of training and fitness enhancement.That 1 hour has huge value,you can dramatically change the the course of your life in1 hour. 
          Just think how significant 1 hour can be !
          I recently had a conversation with a few coaches and folks i like to talk to about training and fitness. We all agreed upon one thing.Maximizing your effectiveness in short bursts of time can lead to huge productivity. Sure we all say we are busy ( and it probably is true ) but some of us seem to get 10 times more accomplished than others . How ?
           I believe it is about how you focus and orient what you spend your most important time on...... your magic time ! Let's face it we only have so many hours in a day.....and we fill that time with meetings,email,phone calls or just life stuff.The list goes on and on. Having said all of that how much time do you have to waste trying to lose the weight , get fit and healthy. 
           The power of 1 hour is gigantic,we way ,way underestimate it. If in 1 hour a week you were able to increase your weight loss and improve your fitness by 100% this year...what would that be worth to you? If in 1 hour a week you were given a strategy ,guidance and support that moved you ahead by months...what would that be worth ? Now you can keep chugging along hoping and praying what your doing is going to work,or you can refocus and get the professional help you need to make that 1 hour more powerful,more strategic and productive than ever before !     

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