Sunday 12 January 2014

Choose !

    Think about the word "choose."
It may be the single most important word
in your life.  
     Let's look at what the dictionary says about the word "choose"  
1. to select from a number of possibilities; pick by preference:
Example: She chose Sunday for her departure. 
2. to prefer or decide (to do something): Example: He chose to run
for election. 
3. to want; desire. 
4. to make a choice: Example: He chose carefully. 
5. to be inclined: Example: You may stay here, if you choose.   
      Let's look at #3 first, "to want, to desire," we all have wants and
desires, you can "choose" to love or not be loved. You can choose
to seek after that which you desire, or simply hope it will
magically come to you someday.
       Look at #1 "to select from a number of possibilities" WOW, this is
powerful. A number of possibilities, I would say this is almost
      Here are some examples:
1. You could choose to live a sedentary life or an active life.
2. You could choose to imagine your life as successful or believe
    that success will never come your way.
3. You could choose to believe in something when all those around
   you say you should not believe in it.
4. You could choose to take "action" or not take action.
5. You could choose to gain knowledge by reading newsletters like
this one as well as books and magazines that will empower you with
life changing information, or you could choose to watch more TV.
(here is something to think about when watching TV.....VIRTUALLY
how much do you get paid to watch it?)
6. Look at #2 from the dictionary listing above. To prefer or
decide (to do something): Example: He chose to run for election.
Every President the United States has ever had first chose to seek
and/or accept the job.  
     You see, it is "YOU"  that chooses, YOU have the power to choose
the direction of your life.
* You can choose to seek success.
* You can choose to have a healthy body by choosing what you put in
it and what you do with it.
* You can choose to use the power of attraction (as discussed in
The Secret) by creating a movie in your mind of you succeeding and
believing that the success you are visualizing is already yours!
* You can choose to take that new job in another city.
* You can choose to forgive.  
     But here is the bottom line.
    It is "YOU" who must choose, no one else can choose for you.  
Here is an important question......Will you choose?  
   Make no mistake about it, even if you choose NOT to choose you have
chosen a direction for your life......that is POWERFUL!
So I challenge you today to look at your life and CHOOSE!
* Choose success
* Choose unconditional love 

* Choose health  
* Choose to take the time to teach your children what you have
    learned about choosing.
    You know there are areas of your life "RIGHT NOW" where you have
failed to make a choose.  
    Why do I issue this challenge to you?
Because I care about YOU......I "choose" to care about you.

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