Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Good Side To Caffeine

      After many years of being a much maligned drink, coffee, and the
caffeine in it, is being seen in its true light.  Many agencies are
seeing the good side of caffeine and coffee.  This lively brew has
recently been re-examined by the likes of the United States Food
and Drub Administration(FDA), the American Cancer Society, the
American Medical Administration, and the Framingham Heart Study,
just to name a few.  All of these agencies have given caffeine a
clean bill of health while showing the good side of caffeine and
coffee.  I would suggest you use only organic blends. Coffee is one
of the most pesticide ladened crops in the world.

     According to the results of the recent research endorsed by these
organizations, moderate intake of caffeine does not increase your
risk for several diseases.  Moderate intake is considered to be 3
to 6 cups or 350mg of caffeine per day.  Caffeine was once thought
to contribute to certain types of cancer, heart disease, high blood
pressure, bone loss, and complications during pregnancy.  In fact
the opposite is true in many instances.  The good side of caffeine
is that it can increase physical performance, endurance, and may
protect against heart disease.  Any increase in blood pressure is
short lived.  It is usually the same, or less than, what is seen if
you climb a single flight of stairs.

     Another good side of caffeine and coffee is that they can be
performance and endurance enhancers.  Recent research performed at
the University or Guelph, in Canada, has proven that caffeine
works.  The battery of tests proved that ingesting 330 mg (5mg per
kg of body weight) one half of an hour to an hour before your
workout will result in an increase in endurance, faster times, less
fatigue, and a more rapid recovery.  On average this increase was
30% in each category.  You have to be careful though.  Very high
doses, 600 mg or more, cause the effects to diminish.  Also, since
caffeine is a powerful diuretic, the high doses can lead to
dehydration.  Because of the dehydration potential, you should
never take caffeine or drink coffee while you are working out.

    The good side of caffeine and coffee is further demonstrated by its
qualities as a fat burner.  While it should not be the only
component of a weight loss regimen, caffeine has several beneficial
aspects in fat loss.  First of all, caffeine increases your
metabolism.  Caffeine breaks down fat cells into fatty acids.  If
you are working out, your body will break down these freed fatty
acids and burn them immediately.  As the fat is being burned, the
sugars in your blood are being held in reserve.  That way your
blood sugar level will not drop as drastically while you work out.

     The many good sides of caffeine and coffee have been brought to
light by recent research.  Nearly all of the old myths have been
blown out of the water.  A moderate intake of 3 to 6 cups, or 350
mg, per day has many benefits that are of interest to people who
want to stay in shape.  By increasing your endurance you can get
more reps in each time you work out.  The release of fatty acids
will help to change your overall body mass index, and keep your
blood sugar level in the proper range longer.  The good side of
caffeine or coffee is the increased metabolic rate that you will
experience.  An increased metabolism normally translates into a
more fit you.

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