Monday, 18 April 2016

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Their Training Program

         Over the years I have interacted with hundreds of women at the gym or as my personal clients- and do you know what i have found? The vast majority of women who are seeking training advice just want to look better and feel better, and not have to live in the gym.
          So why is it so hard for them to accomplish this? Why can't they get the results they want when they are willing to work so hard ? Simple. Most of them are making one or more of these five mistakes.

Mistake # 1Choosing the wrong program: If left to their own devices,women often gravitate towards cardio-heavy activities like running , kickboxing or spinning, and shy away from pure strength training.While there is nothing wrong with doing cardio,(especially if you enjoy it),there are numerous benefits to strength training for women. Not only will strength training help you improve your posture and increase your bone density,but you'll add muscle mass,which is metabolically expensive( burns calories when you are doing nothing),making it easier for you to lose body fat. Not to mention,getting stronger is incredible for boosting your self-confidence. And I promise. YOU WILL NOT LOOK LIKE A MAN !  

Mistake # 2 Not following a well designed program: Strength training is critical for women. But you know what? It's not enough.A proper training program has to have balance. I say it all the time: you can't just run, you can't just stretch,you can't just lift-you have to have a combination of several things for a well-rounded training program.So what does a solid training program consist of ? 

Dynamic Warm Up : This is generally a series of 6-12 exercises designed to prepare you for your workout.A proper warm up can go a long way to improving your workout performance

Strenght Training : The training routine will vary based on the training age and ability level of the trainee, but the principals and protocols will be the same. Be sure to use compound movements but be sure you have been taught the correct techniques for using these exercises.

Energy Systems Training (cardio) : The amount and type of cardio training that should be included in a program is very dependent on goals,and the amount of time available to train. Be sure to use a mix of HIIT and heart rate based cardio sessions.
If your program is missing any one of these critical components,your going to be missing out on maximum results as well.

Mistake # 3  Not lifting heavy enough: Please remember that "heavy" is a relative term. You should be doing sets in the 8-12 repetition range. The single most important thing is get proper instruction first. Learn the correct way to do the exercises and work your way up in weight. Again. I promise. YOU WILL NOT LOOK LIKE A MAN!

Mistake # 4  Not resting enough between exercise: Taking time to rest appropriately between exercises allows your muscles to recover almost fully,so that you can perform quality reps of each exercise with the heaviest load your body can handle safely for the given set and rep reccomendation

Mistake # 5 Not doing a thorough warm-up:  This is the biggest mistake i see not just in women,but in everyone,make in the gym. They walk in,go right to the machine or free weights that they plan on using,pick up their working weight,and get after it. If they're really"in-the-know" they might walk on the treadmill for minutes to warm up. I already gave you a little information of what a good dynamic warm-up consists of above,but let me give you some of the benefits.Not only does it increase blood flow to muscles,increase your core temperature and get your body prepared for your workout-but it's fantastic for improving body awareness and increase your mind-muscle connection.This will re-teach your body how to perform certain movement patterns and allow for more effective and safe workouts.

There you have it.The five biggest mistakes women make when it comes to their training programs-and how they can be fixed. Train hard. Train safe.  


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