Friday 29 April 2016

Is Real Sugar Better For You Than Refined Sugar ?

          "Is real sugar better for you than refined sugar?" There is quite
a debate raging on this subject. Opinions are flying on both sides
of the debate. To fully form an informed opinion, you need to know
how sugar is "refined." Then you will understand the answer to the
              Refined sugar is nearly pure sucrose that is obtained from raw
sugar sources such as sugar cane and sugar beets. Sugar cane
provides the bulk of refined sugar because it is the more easily
grown of the two source crops. The next steps in the process will
help you to answer the question "is real sugar better for you than
refined sugar?"
          Sugar is normally refined in two major ways: affination and
carbonization. Affination involves mixing raw sugar with high
fructose syrup. This liquid mixture is fed into centrifugal
chambers. The liquid is spun until it separates into liquid and
sugar crystals. The sugar crystals are higher in sucrose content,
but have an unacceptable level of contaminants, so carbonization is
then used. In carbonization, the sugar is mixed with a liquid to
make a 50/50 solution. Milk of lime is then added. The milk of
lime mixes with the solution and calcium carbonate is formed. The
calcium carbonate attracts the contaminates and discolorants so
they can be removed. In some cases phosphorus is used instead of
milk of lime. Knowing that all of these chemicals are added, it is
not hard to answer the question "is real sugar better for you than
refined sugar?"
        Real sugars are those sugars that are in their natural forms and
come from fruit, grain, and vegetables. These sugars are usually
not "refined" in anyway. Some of the sources of these sugars are
honey, molasses, and agave. Sugar cane and sugar beets can provide
this type of sugar if they have not been processed. Normally the
source syrup is boiled and dried to produce sugar crystals. Some
examples of this type of crystal sugar are demerara, muscovado, and
turbinado. These sugars are yellowish or brown in color and tend
to clump when exposed to air.
       The best course of action is to only consume naturally occurring
sugars in their natural forms. That is difficult to do. If you
have to use added sugar, then it is obvious that real sugar is
best. Answering if real sugar is better for you than refined sugar
is kind of a no-brainer. Carbohydrates in their natural forms are
easier for your body to digest, use, and eliminate. The chemicals
added during processing and refining are harmful and should be
avoided whenever possible. Consuming real sugar will lead to a
more healthy and balanced diet and a healthier you. Is real sugar
better for you than refined sugar?          Yes, most definitely!


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