Friday 22 April 2016

Another Fat Gene !


       Did you hear about the so-called"fat-gene" they just discovered? Want to find out the truth about it? Science is at it again.The powers that be found...brace yourself:another "fat gene".Lipin, the new gene on the block, is now reported as the "gene that regulates how the body stores and burns bodyfat."In mice”, that is. It's a start.
      This could mean there is a treatment in the near future. Or this could be another bust...just like leptin.Don't get me wrong. I'm all for discoveries that will make our battle against obesity easier and more effective.But this "fat gene" business is really not too new. In fact, this is the second fat-gene discovery in the past ten years.
    The other gene, lepitn, was debunked in January 2007. Ten years after it was first announced and five years after it became the "great fat-hope."
   To quote one medical researcher:"While you may be having a hard time fitting into your favorite jeans, it isunlikely that your genes are to blame."
   But don't give up hope. There's a good solution in the here and now.
But first... Are there really fat-genes? To answer the question: yes,there are literally genes that affect bodyfat distribution and metabolic issues pertaining to fat-metabolism.The fact however is that these genes account for less than 3 percent of our obese population.  That's a drop in the bucket.Even then they would not make one obese. They merely make it more likely to become obese if you......that's right.
                       EAT , DRINK AND MOVE LIKE AN OBESE PERSON !
    Sorry to burst the bubble on science here, but I'm sticking to the 97.4% of the population who do not have to wait for genetic discoveries to get the body they want. The fact also remains that obesity is and always will be an issue of how much food we consume in comparison to how little exercise we experience.Increase your activity and increase your metabolically "active" foods (foods that increase thermogenesis) and you'll decrease your bodyfat.You can eliminate our future number one killer with a fork and a spoon.
     No 'magic gene-turner-offer' needed. Will one help? Sure. I'd be the first in line if it was safe to take.But do you think I'm waiting around for it to happen? Hardly. Life is too short...and frankly, once you know how, bodyfat is too simple to burn. Let's face the facts: there is no gene that is responsible for eating poorly and watching too much TV. People are overweight today for two very simple reasons. 1) eating to much of the wrong foods  2) not moving enough. Period. It really is that simple.   
   Sorry, but sometimes you have to call it like it is.But we all need some help when it comes to winning our personal war with bodyfat.That's where smart nutrition and a fun and safe way to move enters the picture. Engage yourself in that lifestyle and you won't need a miracle of science.Your body is the only miracle you will ever need. Your body is the one absolute. If you have struggled with your weight for more than two years than it’s time to get smart and accept the fact that you can not do it on your own.The next step is the easiest of them all. Get qualified help. Start calling around. Personally interview professional personal trainers. Then make a decision and commit to the process. Whoever you hire ,give them a chance. There are no quick fixes.

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