Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Proper State of Mind for Achievement

          The fact is ,you will never reach your ultimate fitness and health potential by merely showing up at the gym three,four or even five times a week,taking some supplements,and eliminating junk food from your nutrition plan.If you approach your health and fitness goals at that level only,here’s what you will discover: you’ll be able to stick with an intense exercise program for only a few short weeks at a time, then you’ll “sabotage “ your program, and you won’t know why. You’ll “eat good” for a week or two, then you’ll “blow it”. You’ll decide to take a break. Take some time to refocus,remotivate yourself. Month’s later and much heavier you decide to try again. But this time things will be different. You join a different gym. Try the latest diet. This time things will be different. But their not. You repeat the same cycle again. The fact is you’ll never “get it together” long enough to really make any significant changes.Eventually,you’ll get so frustrated you’ll give up. Maybe you’ll try again. Maybe you won’t. In a nutshell ,you’ll fail.
           So, those of you who truly want to discover the secrets to success must accept that reaching your full potential requires much more than simply “going through the motions”. You have to learn how to “program” your mind so you can create a clear vision of your future that is exciting to you.The more clear that vision of your “future self”, the more you will desire to make it a reality. On the other hand if you don’t have a clear picture of what you want ( which most people don’t) , you’ll find trying anything new or challenging extremely difficult. It all comes down to one thing. Your mindset!
          We all have three mindsets: a history-based mindset,a present-based mindset, and a future-based mindset. What type of person you are and how successful you are at an endeavour has a lot to do with what type of mindset you allow to dominate your thoughts, decisions,communications, and actions. Make ,no mistake, what mindset you choose to have determines  who you are and what you can and can’t do! Notice I said choose. What mindset you’ve got now does not have to be the one you “live with”. You can change it, but you have to make a conscious decision to do so!
           Most people have a strong history-based mindset because, generally, people are too comfortable-they “take it easy”. A persons whose actions are dominated by a history-based mindset sub-consciously believes most of everything that is important, pleasurable,or meaningful in their lives has already occurred. The future goal of these individuals is….well…basically…to return to their pasts! These folks spend a lot of time reflecting on “the good old days”-talking about parties,the big game, when they used to be in great shape,etc. They would rather look backwards than forwards,because it’s easier to reminisce about where they’ve been than to try to figure out where they’re going. Quite often these reflections of the past ,are a bit different than the reality of the past. If you know what I mean!
        People with a history-based mindset are reluctant to accept new ideas or opportunities , and they have trouble sticking with anything challenging ; hence ,they make crummy workout partners.Moving forward in any meaningful way actually takes them further away from where they want to be,which is where they were. Get it?
        What’s worse is history-based individuals are very uncomfortable with the growth of others because it threatens the structure of their lives,which is devoted to any activity that does not produce a positive result. These people lives are filled with non-productive activities –they waste time and basically waste their lives.
        My guess is you wouldn’t even be reading this if you weren’t at least relatively serious about improving yourself. Thus , it’s not very likely you’re the type of person who’s dominated by the past.;however,I’ve discovered that far too many people who want to lose weight and improve their health are dominated by their present-based mindset,they aren’t obsessed about going back in time, but they aren’t nearly focused enough on the future. These people have tremendous potential to improve ,rapidly. They just need a push in the right direction-they need to be “focused” to make a conscious decision to look forward instead of focusing so much  on the here and now.  
      People whose daily actions are governed by a future-based mindset are continually growing. They constantly  take on new and bigger challenges. They are always creating, modifying and improving their future vision. What has happened to these people in the past is not ignored or denied-those experiences are used to develop skills that help them get where they want to go.
      When you develop a strong future –based mindset,your subconscious propels you towards constant growth and improvement- you don’t have to force yourself to set goals,you just automatically do it. And every time you accomplish an objective it’s  not the end- it’s the starting point for the future progress and improvement
      Try this: focuse on a crystal-clear vision of how you’d like your body to look in the future. See yourself with toned muscles,your posture is perfect-shoulders back,chest up,chin out and a look of confidence,control and satisfaction on your face. Vividly imagine what you will feel like,as you look in the mirror and see the reflection of your dream physique! Be sure to do this mental exercise the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. Everyday .
       Now, close your eyes for approximately three to five minutes and focus even more intensely on this future image of yourself. While you’re imagining your future self ,your mind will automatically be determing what has to happen between “now” and “ then” in order for you to reach your goal. And , for that to happen,maybe you need to stop making excuses  about why you can’t find time to exercise,about why you can’t stick to a healthy nutrtion program .
        The real problem is not that you’re to busy to train,nor that you have poor discipline,the problem is… don’t really want it. And the reason your desire isn’t there because you haven’t yet developed and exciting and positive vision of your future self. What doe’s your future self look like ?


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