Wednesday 15 February 2017

My “Dieting doesn’t work “ Rant !

      Tuesday evening I watched a show on channel 4 called “Super Slimmers: Did they really keep the weight off?”. If you have ever struggled with your weight please find this show and watch it. It is fact based,and backed up by science on what actually happens when you diet and why the weight will come back on. True , the information is more than thirty years old, but finally we are getting to the truth about the weight gain epidemic. They do leave a few questions unanswered, but that may be down to time constraints. While I’m on the subject of dieting let me share with you a couple of things about the insanity of dieting. Let’s say you are in your late 20’s or early 30’s. You realize you haven’t been managing your finances very well (your weight) and you need to do something about it before it’s too late. So you call in a financial advisor ( a diet ). He explains to you that with his financial plan (diet) you will make some money ( lose weight) and you will lose some money (gain weight). He tells you that 12% of the people who use this plan ( people who keep the weight off for more than two years) end up better off . Here comes the big “BUT”. But , 88% of the people who use this plan end up much worse off ( people who put the weight back on plus some ). You come to find out that ,this is the industry standard. What would be your response ? Knowing this would you sign up? I hope not. Well that’s what happens when you diet. Losing weight is easy. Losing fat is the hard part.
                 Please remember this. The biggest problem with being overweight is not the way you look.  If you are 2 stone or more overweight you are already sick. The weight gain is the end result of things starting to go wrong, not the cause of it. The excess weight is the by product of hormones and vital organs starting to malfunction . You can put a stop to it. You do have the power to do it. It’s in there. It’s never too late. The only thing worse than being overweight for 5 years is being overweight for 5 years and one day ! It’s not complicated. It may be hard but it’s not complicated. Here is the winning formula. Guaranteed !
 Resistance Training + Some Cardiovascular Work + Proper Nutrition = Permanent Weight loss and Good Health ! There it is. Follow that formula and I personally guarantee you will accomplish everything you have ever dreamed about. IT’S NOT COMPLICATED.       

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