Saturday 3 October 2015

My most important blog !

       This may be the most important blog i have ever posted. The single most important decision any person can make is the decision to take personal responsibility for their life.What does that mean ? Let me give you some examples.
        I cannot tell you how many times i have listened to people complain about how they are always sick,tired or depressed. I always ask potential clients the same question: "How many times a week do you elevate your heart rate above 70% of its maximum for at least 10 minutes or more ?" 90% of the time the answer is the same. " Never".
        No wonder that they have health issues,they live a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to be healthy you have to move , and move often....stay still and you will be doomed to live a life filled with health problems. The most important decision you can make in your life is to take personal responsibility for it.
        Be proactive. Its you that has to live in your skin.Not your doctor! Not your husband or wife or your children. 
        It is YOU that can take charge and conquer your health problems. Soon you will know more about your personal health challenges than any doctor knows about them.
        "YOU" have the power to change every aspect of your life. Become your own amazing success story. Take responsibility for your life today!
         YOU can change it all if you want !
         YOU can be the person you want to be if you only WANT it enough!
         YOU can have it all !
         Decide today to take responsibility. Go for it and don't stop until you reach your goals ! Imagine, YOU-The Happiest Person For A Hundred Miles Around. 
         The happiest people have lives that are just as challenging  as people who are miserable,anxious,angry and depressed. The happiest people simply frame their responsibilities and struggles in a more positive way than everyone else.
         "Imagine what you would look like,feel like and be like if you exercised regularly and ate healthy"    

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