Friday 20 December 2013

Dont do these exercises Part 2

Dumbbell flyes
Remember that gravity always pulls straight down.Because of that this exercise puts an extreme amount of tension on your biceps and your shoulders.Dumbbell flys takes the biceps and the shoulders deep into their point of "insertion" and this is always a high risk movement. Add to that,it causes very little chest activation, its just not worth the risk. Your much better off doing cable flyes or the pec dec.

Lying leg press
This exercise is very popular because it allows you to load up a ton of weight and give the appearance of being incredibly strong. The leg press is an extremely dangerous exercise for your back. As your knee's come down to your chest , your back begins to round out or flatten. It will actually bubble out. At that point the lower part of your spine ,the lumbar vertebra's, begin to separate and pull apart. This is never a good thing. Also, because your hips don't lower you use very little hamstrings. I recommend giving this one a miss.

Squats with plates under your heel's
People put little plates under their heels for one of two reasons. 1.lack of ankle flexibility or 2.they believe it hits the quadriceps harder. Lets deal with number 1 first. You would be much better off improving the range of motion in your ankles first. This way there would no need to use the plates. Number 2. There is no evidence that squatting this way recruits more quad muscles. Here are the problems with using plates under your heels. The biggest and most serious problem is that it cause a sheering on your knee cap and your ACL in the knee joint. This over time can lead to serious knee problems. In some cases ,surgery. If you look closely, there is a small gap between the plate and the balls of the foot. What this means is the centre part of the foot has virtually no support.

Helicopter twist or rotary torso twist
I'm sure we have seen somebody with a bar or broom stick across their back twisting from side to side. Your disk's and your spine are not designed to twist. It will,but its not made for that. The disk in your spine and the vertebrae that make up your spine are designed to compress. Like a tire. Let me add. It does not work your stomach and it will not get rid of your lovehandles.

There you have it. I hope this has helped you in some way. My final reccomendation to you is to avoid all of the exercise's i have discussed.
Stay Focused

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