Friday 25 November 2016

You owe it to Yourself .

       A recent industry survey showed that the number one deciding factor in choosing a personal trainer is cost. Not experience. Not credentials. Cost. Choosing a personal trainer can be a big decision. You are placing your health and well being in the hands of another person. What that person does with it can affect every aspect of your life.
Think I’m exaggerating ?
Fifty percent of inquiries I get come from people who have worked with a personal trainer in the past and have either been injured or become ill. The injuries are typically from doing exercises incorrectly, out of sequence or they shouldn’t be doing them at all. Exercise injuries occur over time. Take a credit card and slowly bend it back and forth. Notice how in the beginning it holds up ok. But then gradually it gets weaker and weaker until it finally snaps. There you have it . A back problem. Maybe its your hip,your knee or a shoulder hurts. Training illnesses are usually from doing too much, being malnourished or  taking certain supplements that aren’t necessary or may conflict with medications you may be on.
My point is…
Don’t let a few pounds be the deciding factor when choosing a personal trainer. There is a lot at stake. You wouldn’t choose a dentist or an orthopaedic consultant based solely on cost would you? Invest in yourself the same way you would your children or your partner. Don’t risk it all for the sake of a couple of pounds a week. like everything in life you get what you pay for. Its just not worth it or smart !  

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