Wednesday 12 March 2014

No.1 mistake people make when it comes to weight loss and good health

             A study from the Annals of Internal Medicine shows a common mistake nearly everyone makes in the bedroom that is killing their metabolism.This mistake blocks your ability to reduce fat,drives up your hunger,ages you rapidly,saps your energy and damages your mental function.This mistake can make an otherwise "healthy" person to show the same type of insulin resistance and blood sugar problems as a full-on type 2 diabetic. Most people don't even know they are making this mistake.
             The mistake i am talking about is impaired sleep.If you had a choice between exercise and sleep for your health and waistline,hands down,sleep is the are the 5 reasons why:
Reason 1
      Not getting enough sleep makes you ravenously hungry and skyrockets your cravings for the worst food possible.How ?
First, impaired sleep causes leptin,your "i'm full" hormone to go down by 15.5%
Second, it causes your "i'm hungry" hormone to go up by 14.9%
This sends your your appetite wildly out of control. Driving your cravings for sugar, sweets and sugary carbs through the roof.
Reason 2
       Leptin also controls your metabolism by influencing your thyroid hormone.So when you dont get enough sleep and leptin goes down,your thyroid also goes down, which causes your metabolic rate (how many calories you burn at rest)to plunge.The food you eat gets parked on your belly and thighs instead of being burned for energy.Did you know that the majority of the "fat burning" process actually happens when you sleep.During sleep ,leptin triggers specialised calorie-burning fat cells to burn up excess calories that you don't need and to release that energy as heat.
Reason 3
    Sleep deprivation also depresses how sensitive your cells are to insulin. The less sensitive you are the more insulin you need.And more insulin causes a double fat-making whammy by telling your liver to turn the food you eat into fat and by locking fat in your fat cells so it can't be released to be burned.As your body perceives lack of sleep to be a threat to its existence, it fires up your stress hormone cortisol,which has been directly linked to belly fat.
Reason 4
      Impaired sleep also damages your brain,cognitive abilities and mood.Studies shoe that when we sleep,our brain flushes out potent neurotoxins that are normal by-products of our waking activity.Let those by-products accumulate and bad things can happen--like brain fog,impaired memory,wild mood swings and trouble focusing
Reason 5
      Have you ever seen someone who hasn't gotten a good nights sleep? They look wasted and older! That's because a lack of sleep robs you of your primary "youth" hormone. i am talking about growth hormone--your master rejuvenation hormone that mostly only comes out at night,helping you re-build and repair and keeping you young.Lack of growth hormone also dramatically alters your body composition,shifting it to be more fat and less muscle-not what you want.
Bottom Line: Never underestimate the importance of consistently getting a good nights sleep. Sweet dreams!   

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